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Green Color Blindness – Deuteranopia & Deuteranomaly

Green color blindness is by far the most common form; around 6% of the total male population is green color blind – primarily as a mild deficiency.

As with red color blindness, green color blind people can be categorised in two groups:

  • Deuteranopia: the M-cones are missing, or non-functional, resulting in blindness to the green portion of the spectrum. 5% of males and 0.1% of females suffer this form of green color blindness.
  • Deuteranomaly: The M-Cones are defective, operating below normal capacity to interfere with a person’s ability to see some shades of green, shifting color sensitivity toward the red sensitive L-cones. 1% of males and 0.35% of females suffer this form.

As with most forms of color blindness, Green color blindness is also sex linked, being passed on to children through faulty genetic coding in the X chromosome.