LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

It was little over a decade ago that there was no such thing as a cure for long or short sightedness, but thanks to the amazing developments with lasers – a safe and relatively cost effective solution has been made available in the form of Lasik laser eye surgery. As the field continues to advance, technologies such as Intralase are allowing a computer controlled laser to replace more and more parts of the process. Now, thanks to Intralase, laser eye surgery is a totally blade free procedure where nearly the only thing that touches your eyes is light!

Glasses & Contacts cure vision lasik laser eye surgery
Glasses & Contacts are the standard cure for many vision problems

Glasses & Contact Lenses

For those who aren’t yet ready to embrace the idea of laser surgery or simply cannot afford it, contact lenses and eye glasses remain a common choice and are getting cheaper every year. The range of attractive and designer frames gets larger every year allowing people the freedom to affordably change your style frequently, there’s also plenty of fun available with contacts – for example changing your eye color.

Whatever you decide is best for you, the information accessible via the menu to the left will provide you with an educational basis to decide whether you want to take the leap for laser eye surgery, or stick with contacts or glasses!

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