Color Blindness Cure

Curing color blindness is currently impossible. 99% of color blind males and females are color blind as a result of defective genetics on the X chromosome. To cure this color blindness would require some form of gene therapy, repairing the damaged chromosome. However even this is only educated circumspection, there is no scientific method available at present that shows any signs of promise of a cure for color blindness.

Color Blindness Correction

Recent developments in light filtering lenses have made it possible to provide color blind people with a greater ability to distinguish between certain shades that otherwise look the same. Many critics claim they are tailored specifically to passing the Ishihara tests for color blindness and have no real world value – you decide on my page about curing and correcting color blindness.

Eye Care

Do you ever spend long periods in the sun, use chemicals¬† (even organic cleaners for the home), use a computer, wear contacts, play sport, or work with flying particles (such as carpentry or welding)? If you answered yes to one of the above and I’m sure most of you did, then I highly recommend you read my page on eye care found in the menu to the left. Educating yourself on the risks you are putting your vision at every day is absolutely essential.

Living with Color Blindness

If you already know you have color blindness, or know someone who does, I recommend you take a look at my page on living with color blindness. Knowing your limitations or those of your color blind family and friends can be of a great benefit in easing the frustrations and reducing the risks and accidental mishaps associated with being color blind. Teachers and parents should pay particular attention. How you handle your child’s color blindness while he is young can have a lasting impact on his/her life, for better or for worse – so I highly recommend educating yourself on color blind life.